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Our Services

Our services address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, communications and Internet technology product development, and engineering product design and data management. We offer our services with one goal in mind "Delivery Excellence". Branta Group has experienced resources and expertise in delivering end to end solutions for n tier client server applications, Embedded, Networking, Communications, Standalone Applications and web based solutions on variety of problems with proven process and leveraging advanced development technologies.


With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations need to implement and support new business applications, while at the same time, maintaining and upgrading their existing systems.


Our consultants bring significant value to the projects they work for due to their several years of experience. They span the entire spectrum of IT and Engineering Services.


Using a value-based extraction approach, Branta Group provides clients with both voice and non-voice offerings. We have BPO capabilities to do Data Conversion/Compilation.

About Branta Group

About Branta Group

Branta Group, an end to end IT Solutions company founded more than a decade ago and is headquartered in San Jose, USA. Branta Group enables you to navigate the maze of technology by providing solutions built on a foundation of deep technology knowledge and understanding of business ecosystems.

Our unique process for efficient execution of projects and our goal for "Delivery Excellence", adds an efficient thought process to attain competency enhancement and Customer intimacy in today's competitive edge.

Branta Group's mission is to provide unmatched business value to customer through a combination of process excellence, quality framework and service delivery innovation. Teamwork, Best Practices, Responsiveness and client satisfaction is our philosophy.

The products and services we offer are developed using years of experience and have a proven track record in various industries.