Engineering Services

The Branta Group Engineering team has diverse capabilities including product design engineering, embedded systems, verification and validation, manufacturing process control and Contract Manufacturing. Our offerings across engineering services include both mechanical Engineering and embedded systems electronics related product design services. These cater to various market segments like Datacom, Telecom and mobile computing, Consumer electronics, Industrial automation, Avionics, Automotive and semiconductor domains. Our Engineering Service offerings can be  summarized as follows:

Product Design Engineering Services

The Branta Group product design engineering team has experience developing products in diverse areas. Our capabilities include

Systems Engineering

  • Electromechanical, precision, portable electronic devices, hydraulics and pneumatic.
  • Requirement engineering (prior art and VoC), and specification generation
  • Product ideation, industrial design and concepts generation
  • Systems engineering and soft validation (3D CAD models, simulations and analysis)
  • Detailed engineering: manufacturing document release
  • Physical validation and certification for functionalities, reliability and longevity
  • Production support: tools, fixtures, equipment, automation and simulations

Embedded Systems

  • Formal and verifiable requirements capturing, coupled with modeling and simulation to ensure that the marketing requirements are stated unambiguously
  • Architectural definition including hardware / software system partitioning
  • VLSI design and verification that includes ASIC, FPGA, CPLD and SoC
  • Micro processor and DSP-based designs
  • Circuit design and PCB development and bring up complex boards up to 22 layers and over 3,000 components
  • Firmware that includes boot loaders, drivers and protocol stacks
  • Middleware components
  • Software applications and utilities for device management, configuration, monitoring and diagnostics
  • GUI and HMI design
  • Device and platform connectivity solutions including communication protocols, security and data transfer components
  • Independent VandV services like design verification, hardware / software testing and qualification test services like environmental, EMI / EMC and (H)ALT

Component Engineering

  • Plastic Product Engineering: Aesthetics and ergonomics, metal to plastic, costing, material selection, snap fit validation, mold flow analysis, rapid prototyping (FDM, SLA, SLS, tooling) and injection molding process optimization
  • Metal Component Engineering: Castings, forgings, sheet metal, precision machined and metal injection molded parts, material selection, forming analysis, springback analysis, tooling development, process planning, tool life optimization, tonnage optimization and CNC punch press programming

Value Driven Engineering and Contract Manufacturing

  • Value Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering: DFMEA, FMECA, fault tree analysis (FTA), MTBX, modeling and analysis, validation through accelerated tests
  • Reverse engineering
  • CAD Services: migration, parts library and consultancy
  • Contract Manufacturing – Castings, Machined Parts, Plastic and Rubber Parts, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Dies and Molds, Electro-Mechanical Parts, Sub-assemblies, OEM, ODM Services

Networking, Wireless and Telecom

The Branta Group Networking team has capabilities in all the layers of the networking and wireless stacks. That coupled with capabilities in network virtualization, sensing, data analytics and data visualization enables Branta Group to create cutting edge solutions for our clients. We have the capabilities to develop Smart metering solutions. We have the capabilities to design networking and wireless devices and fully test them. Unprecedented growth in data, smart devices, digitized video streaming and more, have resulted in in our sophisticated solutions like real time billing.

Manufacturing Process Control

Branta Group has experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) managing enterprise operations, closing the execution gap by providing links among various disparate systems that exist in plants in addition to linking these systems to the planning layer. The connectivity between ERP, SCADA systems and the system interoperability are important goals in any manufacturing business. Our efforts ensure real time visibility of product and process data from shop floor, enabling better decision support across the enterprise.