Global Engineering Operations Solutions and Services

Solutions to many engineering operations problems require capabilities in the triad of engineering, IT and BPO. We offer integrated solutions and services that help manage challenges engineering operations often face. We operate as extended engineering arms and our services include

Component Engineering – Quality and Reliability assessment, Form Fit Function (FFF) analysis and Alternate Sourcing for all commodities:
Our team will work with suppliers to collect data on component reliability. They will identify alternatives for components that have single supplier. The team will perform FFF analysis to ensure equivalence of the alternative.

Engineering Change Management:
We help implement the approved engineering changes quickly by using their PDM process/tools. Our teams follow the PDM process, prepare the engineering change note, update the drawings/specs, secure required approvals, implement the change and update all stakeholders.

BOM Risk Assessment – Obsolescence and Compliance requirements:
We proactively identify replacements for the components that will become obsolete in the next year. This results in reduced Last Time Buy (LTB) cost to the organization. Our team will monitor the performance of suppliers on various parameters, such as on time delivery, reliability, field failure rate, provide dashboards and actionable information. We can also analyze the suppliers’ capabilities to bounce back to normal supply in case of any disturbances like natural calamities, legal issues and labor issues. We study and validate suppliers’ business continuity plan and identify high-risk suppliers.

Complete compliance solution – Conflict Minerals/RoHS/REACH – IT tools + Industry Best Practices + experienced consultants:
Our team will collect compliance data from suppliers and then validate the data such as Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and full material declaration. We will identify equivalent components for non-compliant items, and we will set up IT systems to manage the complex data. Read how you can become Conflict Minerals compliant here.

Customer satisfaction, Return Material Authorization, Failure Analysis (RMA/FA) Operations services:
We provide complete operational services to manage the Return Materials, collaborate with Quality/Reliability Engineers to get the Failure Analysis done, and communicate back to the customer. We can set up the IT systems and manage the process of Warranty claims for replacement or repair or repayment processes. Our system will generate reports and dashboards.