Industrial Automation

Branta Group has experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that control operations like enablement of plan realization, linking disparate systems together and linking these systems to the planning layer. Effective connectivity between ERP, SCADA systems and system interoperability are important goals in any manufacturing business. Our efforts will ensure real time visibility of product and process data from the shop floor, enabling better decision support across the enterprise.

We provide Industrial Automation Solution with the following features:

  • Turnkey Integrated PAC based system of hardware and software for industrial control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications
  • Software based on Real Time OS for Deterministic Operations
  • Highly configurable system that can support both a single controller based digital I/O inbuilt system and Multiple controller based Multiple I/O systems, in which both the hardware and software are configurable
  • Based on Open Standard communication interfaces like Ethernet for the process control
  • Our solution has ability to use standard programming for the user control operations
  • Device driver development for RT OS
  • SCADA Based MIMIC Development
  • Monitoring solution based on Web Technologies [Web based interface development for Monitoring and creating business intelligence]
  • Handheld device based monitoring [Android/ iOS]