Audio, Video, Speech and Image Codec[Encoder and Decoder] Development

  • Video Codec : HEVC, H.264, SVC, MPEG2/4, WMV, VP6 etc
  • Audio Codec : MP3, MPEG2/4 AAC, Dolby AC3, AAC-ELD, HE- AAC etc

Codec porting on different DSP and ARM platform and Optimization

HW accelerated[OMX] Codec integration on different OS [Android, Linux]

Codec Integration with different application frame work like Gstreamer, Mplayer and system layer like MPEG2 TS

Development of player and streaming (HTTP – DASH) application on different OS

System Integration for complete product development on reference and production platform

  • Video Phone development on TI DM8148
  • Automotive Infotainment device development on TI Jacinto 5 platform

End to End Video Quality Measurement and Monitoring for different IP based network like IPTV and IP РVideo Telephony. Cloud based Transcoding application development.

Projects Executed

  • H.264 Video Encoder/Decoder Development
  • MPEG-4 AAC Audio Encoder/Decoder Development
  • MPEG-4 AAC ELD Encoder/Decoder Development
  • Gstreamer based Integration of MPEG4 video and audio codec on TI Davinci
  • NEON Optimization varies codec like AAC Audio and HEVC
  • IPTV End to End Video Quality Monitoring Software products development
  • Beam Right Range Content dispensing Node development (Hardware Integration , Firmware and Middleware ) Solution Development
  • MPEG2-TS Development
  • Test Case development & Quality Analysis including Dolby Certification
  • Video telephonic product development
  • Trancoding application development for cloud based transcoding solution provider