Accpac OptiPro financial modules is ERP software designed exclusively for discrete manufacturing companies. It helps a company to realize its full profit potential by improving the management of its manufacturing and accounting operations. By integrating manufacturing and financial operations Accpac OptiPro ensures that production, marketing and financial decision makers in the company work from the same up-to-date information.


  • Result 1: Everyone works together to ensure the common end result of maximum profits.
  • Result 2: CFOs have greater control over the company’s operations allowing them to achieve greater operational efficiency and reduced costs.


Flexibility of scale is another Accpac OptiPro quality. This means any company, whether a small business or a member of the Fortune 500, gets the tools it needs to compete successfully in the marketplace and to maximize profits. This software package is an investment in better management.


Bills of Material

Accpac OptiPro’s Bills-of-Material module maintains all part master and bills of material information. Using Accpac OptiPro, you can expand a bill of material down through all levels, producing both single level and indented multi-level bills. This module also provides “where-used” information for any component part, and bottoms-up costing which automatically generates standard costs for the assemblies.


Engineering Change Notice

Accpac OptiPro’s ECN module provides you complete control of your engineering planning, processing, and documentation of change orders. Working together, the BOM and ECN modules give your company complete control of the engineering process.


Master Production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning

Accpac OptiPro is designed to give management greater control over inventory levels and production costs through its user-friendly MPS and MRP modules.


Shop Floor Control

This feature provides up-to-date information for production control personnel. It provides a powerful and flexible set of features for controlling production activity. This module helps you plan Manufacturing Orders, perform Quality Inspection, track labor transaction’s and manufacturing order costs, and follow-up on sales orders. Accpac OptiPro’s shop floor control works with both the Work Center and Routing modules to provide very efficient routing maintenance.


Lot/Serial Tracking

Accpac OptiPro’s Lot/Serial tracking module supports complete visibility of parts from receipt all the way to shipment, and back through Return Material Authorization.


Inventory Control

Accpac OptiPro’s Inventory Control module maintains accurate on-hand balances by means of purchase order receipts, work order receipts, issues, cycle count adjustments, transfers and shipments.


Sales Order Processing

Accpac OptiPro’s Sales Order module generates customer information and provides for real-time entry and editing of sales orders. It produces ship lists, confirms shipments, and creates invoices, providing easy access to current sales order information and customer information.



Accpac OptiPro’s Purchasing feature provides you with the means for the ordering and tracking of parts from the initial generation of purchase requirements through receipt of the parts into stores (GRN).


Quality Control

Accpac OptiPro’s Quality Control feature is an integral part of the software, recording test values of items during receipt, in-store QC, In-process (production) QC and QC during dispatch.


Accpac OptiPro Financial Modules

System Manager controls access to all Accpac OptiPro accounting modules and information. It is the hub from which all other modules operate. It affects nearly everything you do in your Accpac OptiPro system from establishing security to searching for a record within a file. System Manager includes effective tools that ensure data integrity, enabling users to work more productively.


General Ledger is the foundation of your accounting system, with flexibility that meets the current and future requirements of all types of organizations. It is designed to handle your most demanding budgeting and processing needs. General Ledger integrates with all modules and thereby maximizes the accuracy of your financial data with Accounts Receivable, you can fine-tune your customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Accounts Receivable is also fully integrated with bank services, for complete bank reconciliation.


Accounts Payable provides special features to streamline your entire cash flow process, and thereby helps you save money. Accounts Payable has a variety of accounting and reporting features that facilitate rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, and full check reconciliation using bank services.


Accpac Batchmaster Excise

ACCPAC BatchMaster Excise module maintains each client’s Central Excise records efficiently and thoroughly. It also meets your documentation needs as laid down by the Central Excise Department, and does so economically by saving the company’s labor and time costs. This software adapts itself to new excise notifications very quickly, thus keeping the user ready for Excise Audits at any given time.

Decision Support System (DSS)

With its competent dashboards and Business Intelligence tools, ACCPAC-BatchMaster provides the top and middle management the ability they require to make right decisions efficiently